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We are Those Angry Men


Those Angry Men is an international group of musicians with a unique blend of acoustic rock'n'roll that is steeped in classic rock with a pinch of blues to top it off. 
From the smoky voice of Irish born Chris Slevin to precise licks and riffs of lead guitarist; Guido Kirchner. Add a bass slapping Italian; Riccardo Alberio and Claudia Heidegger, a classically trained Austrian violinist and you have yourself a interesting aural experience.


Vocals, Guitar / Chris Slevin

Lead Guitar, vocals / Guido Kirchner

Bass / Riccardo Alberio

Violin, vocals / Claudia Heidegger

Drums / Markus "Gombi" Gombotz



photos by: Thomas Hagendorfer www.hagendofer.com 


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It Goes Down

by Those Angry Men

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May/June 2018


Upcoming news for April and May... Well, we have a new website. A new URL and new a new band member. 

Welcome to the new and improved official site for Those Angry Men. Have a look around and tell use what you think in the contact section or even on Facebook. (Link below)

We would also like to announce that Markus Gombotz will be joining us from now on as our drummer. This man plays hard and works hard. Welcome Gombi! We're keeping him in his rehearsal room for the moment as we work out the final tinkering for...


Yes, we are finally heading a back into the studio to visit Dan Fisher and his Audio Heart Studio here in Vienna. We're proud of our new material and want to share with you all... not just on the nights we play them.  

In the beginning of June we will record our first single "Once in a lifetime" and with the hope that that will springboard us into action and finally get that album out that you guys have been talking about. 

May will also see us in print with a lovely interview in Wiener Bezirkszeitung. Keep an eye out for that. 

Finally, our final pub gig are also coming up in May. Have a look in our gigs section for more details. 

All the best, 

And stay angry,